McDonald’s service changes puzzle consumers

Oct 2, 2015 | Life

Marino Greco


McDonald’s new service options are a drastic shift for the 75-year old company. (CrazyLegsKC/Wikimedia Commons)

McDonald’s is unveiling new in-store options such as self-order kiosks and table service in an attempt to reinvigorate their brand.

The change will allow customers to build their own burgers and is part of an effort to create a more personalized—and personable—dining experience.

But the idea of having a dinner date at McDonalds doesn’t sit well with some Humber students.

“It seems kind of strange to me because I’ve always seen McDonald’s as fast food. I don’t think I’d be a huge fan,” said Early Childhood Education student Victoria Mortimer.

Another student said she would be unimpressed if someone invited her out to dine there.

“It wouldn’t make any sense. I mean it’s a fast food joint. You go there, get your food you sit, eat and go,” said Gagan Preet Kaur, a General Arts and Science student.

Twitter users also grilled the fast-food chain.


Justin Medakiewicz, Assistant Program Head of Business at Guelph Humber says it’s important for companies to understand the value they have traditionally provided.

“The sit-down option is different from what has traditionally been identified with the McDonald’s brand,” Medakiewicz.

“McDonald’s could provide this shift but it would have to take a few years for society to accept this model. It could be disadvantageous,” he said.

Medakiewicz does however see promise in the self-serve kiosk idea.

“The automated interaction helps with the convenience factor of getting people in and out. From a wait time perspective, it’s advantageous,” he said.

McDonald’s Canada says the new services will create 15, 000 jobs.

“McDonald’s may still be able to hire the same number of people but have more individuals in the back end processing,” said Medakiewicz.

“We will have to wait and see if this is a measure to reduce operating costs,” he said.