Humber rugby varsity teams suspended, alleged code of expectations violations

Oct 3, 2015 | Campus News

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Humber College’s men’s rugby team in action on Sept. 15, 2015

Nick Westoll

Humber College suspended its men’s and women’s varsity rugby teams on Friday due to “alleged violations of the Varsity Code of Expectations.”

“Information came to Humber staff that members of [the teams] had violated some of those rules,” Andrew Leopold, Humber College’s director of communications, told Humber News.

Leopold would not elaborate on details of the allegations.

According to a media release, “the alleged misconduct is not in keeping with our institutional values related to athletics and student life.”

Players and coaches learned of the suspension Friday afternoon.

The suspension will remain in effect until an internal investigation is completed. Leopold said college staff are looking to complete their review as soon as possible.

The stunning revelations follow recent success on the field. The men’s team are five-time OCAA champions and the women’s team have won three OCAA titles in four years.

Athletes are required to sign a Humber Varsity Code of Expectations document that sets out behavioural expectations.

“Varsity participants shall conduct themselves in a fair and responsible manner, as befits the Humber Varsity Program, at all times,” the document reads in part.

“If an incident occurs where identification of the guilty party is not immediately possible, and the offender does not come forward, the entire team will lose playing privileges until the offender is identified.”

Here is a partial list of requirements contained in the code:

– Dress in appropriate team attire when hosting games or travelling on the road.

– Use appropriate language on and off the court.

– Deescalate situations to the best of one’s ability. Any violence, including fighting, will not be tolerated.

– Refrain from using any illegal drugs or banned substances (See Drug Testing)

– Refrain from excessive use of alcohol. Incidents at the Pub involving Humber Athletes will lead to swift disciplinary action. Walk away!

– Teams found to be involved in any forms of hazing may lead to immediate suspension from further play.

– Attend all practices, games, and tournaments. An athlete must speak with their coach ahead of time to sort out any issues.

– Follow all rules and guidelines set out by the College, Humber Athletics and Coaches

While the allegations are still unknown, a Toronto Police Service spokesperson told Humber News early Saturday morning that there isn’t an open criminal investigation.