Update: Toronto tunnel builders found

by | Mar 2, 2015 | News

Deputy Chief Mark Saunders speaks at press conference on the tunnel found.

Deputy Chief Mark Saunders speaks at press conference on the tunnel found. (Photo: Comfort Obeng)


According to a news release from Toronto Police Service the builders of the tunnel found in Black Creek parkland near York University’s main campus have been found.

The release said on Friday Feb. 27 Toronto police received information from the public that enabled them to identify the two men who constructed the tunnel.

Their identities have not been released to the public, but the two men claimed they had built the tunnel as a “man cave” to hang out in and police investigators said they are satisfied that there was no criminal intent or threat to Torontonians.

The case of the Toronto tunnel has officially been closed.

By: Comfort Obeng

Toronto police held a news conference on Tuesday about the discovery of a mystery tunnel in a secluded area hidden in the woods close to York University’s main campus and near a venue for the Pan Am games.

“My experience with doing construction, it’s more than a week. You got to do this manually,” said Supt. Bryce Evans, who is in charge of specialize criminal investigations.

The tunnel would have taken a lot of work, he said.

“At this time we are unable to determine who constructed this chamber nor can we determine what the motive was for building it. The purpose of the release today is to ask the public to contact  us if they have any information that can help further us,” said Toronto police Deputy Chief Mark Saunders.

Police suspect more then one person was working on the tunnel, which has since been filled in.

It measured 1.9 metres tall by 0.9 metres wide by 10 metres long. Police suspect whoever worked on the tunnel might have been an expert.

“It would be a lot for one person to do by themselves because they start getting the pulley, bringing buckets up, they got to load the buckets full of dirt. It would be a very manual task for one person,” Evans said.

The inside of the tunnel had moisture resistant light bulbs run by a gas generator, ceiling enforcement and wood framing, hidden extension cords, a pump for ground water, along with other tools.

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As well, food and a rosary with a Remembrance Day poppy attached to were found hanging on a nail in the mystery tunnel.

The investigation is ongoing and police are urging the public to contact them if they have any further information.