Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon remembered as ‘kind, funny gentleman’

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Life

Simpsons co-creator, Sam simon (Reuters)

Simpsons co-creator, Sam simon (Reuters)

By Mario Belan

Sam Simon, a co-creator of the long running show The Simpsons, who was also an animal rights activist and philanthropist, was being remembered Tuesday by the comedy world.

“I will remember him as a kind and funny gentleman,” said Pamela Thomas, a comedy television producer who was a friend and neighbour of Simon.

Thomas told Humber News on Tuesday that Simon would drive around the block with his little electric car because he cared about the enviornment. Simon was a philanthropist and he was always caring for people.

“He protected the innocent,” she said. “He had a vegan food truck that fed the homeless,” said Thomas.

“He will be remembered for philanthropy.”

She also added that Simon, who died on Sunday at age 59 from colon cancer, fed families and “was always giving away his money.”

Here is a timeline of Simon’s all the projects Simon worked on throughout his career.



Comedian Ryan McMahon said, he will remember Simon not only for The Simpsons, but for his other work.

“I remember him from The George Carlin Show and Cheers,” he said, “but most of all he will be remembered as a risk taker.”

McMahon added that, “to take on Edgar Allan Poe and the classics you have to be really smart.”

Simon decided what his voice was going to be and he was one step further than the other writers. He also took risks with comedians, but what made him stand out was how much he loved them, said McMahon.

Simon was excellent at observing behaviour and taking it and using it in his shows, McMahon said. He added that without The Simpsons there would not be South Park and Family Guy.

Simon helped create a world in The Simpsons that had no boundaries.

He was able to use his imagination and create characters that stuck with us. He also added that it’s no coincidence that Simon was a great writer and he will be going down as one of the most influential writers said McMahon.

“Everyone tried to catch up to Simon,” said Andrew Clark, who oversees the Comedy: Writing and Performance program at Humber College in Toronto.

The Simpsons changed comedy, and the writing that Simon contributed in the early years developed the show.

He was a “creative force in comedy writing,” said Clark.