HSF Presidential candidates for 2015-2016 elections revealed

Feb 23, 2015 | News

Ayesha Pierre runs for the first time in HSF's 2015-2016 elections as a presidential candidate. (Source: humberlife.com)

Ayesha Pierre runs for the first time in HSF’s 2015-2016 elections as a presidential candidate. (Source: humberlife.com)

By Mario Belan, Celia Grimbly and Edward Bayley

Humber Students’ Federation posted the presidential candidates running in the 2015-2016 election on Monday: Ayesha Pierre, Patrick Millerd, Shawn Manahan and Ahmed Tahir.

Pierre makes her HSF debut running for HSF president. The 21-year-old is in her second year of the Bachelors of Arts Paralegal program.

Pierre told Humber News her platform reflects what the students want.

“The top three that are on my platform, more study room, organizing cultural events, and healthier foods,” Pierre said.

She said she wants to introduce more vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free foods for Humber North.

Pierre said students want to update some of the equipment on campus, like the printers at the library.

At Humber Lakeshore, she said she wants to add more sports and pub nights.

Pierre wants to gain the populaces’ vote and confidence by interacting with students one-on-one. She said she wants to have conversations with them, remembering their names and faces and build a relationship with them.

“What I’ve been doing is trying to make a personal connection,” she said.

Pierre said she wants to engage students and that it’s important for them to be a part of the election.

“It’s also your social atmosphere.. [students] want a better school environment or school equipment that’s the reason why they should vote,” she said. “If they want to see that change then they’re going to have to step up and vote for whoever is the  best for that.”

Unlike Pierre, Patrick Millerd returns to elections a practiced presidential candidate.

Patrick Millerd enters his second HSF presidential campaign this school year. (Source humberlife.com)

Patrick Millerd enters his second HSF presidential campaign this school year. (Source humberlife.com)

The 26-year-old comedy writing and performance student campaigned in Humber’s by-election in September.

The fall by-election was the outcome of a 90-89 vote at the Annual Generals Meeting in March, which overturned last year’s election result.

He lost to current HSF president Tom Walton.

Millerd told Humber News his platform includes a website he developed for students to submit ideas to HSF.

“It’s going to be an online forum where students will be able to come and talk about the budget and the different proposals they want to adapt for the student federation, so it’s much more proven by students than just executives,” Millerd said.

He said students showed interest in the idea when he campaigned in the fall.

“There’s a lot of follow up questions generally, but they like the whole idea of having a better say in the actual functioning of the government. I think most people do,” he said.

Millerd said he wants to increase sustainable energy options throughout the campuses and organize more events to help students get active and improve their health.

He said students shared concerns about school expenses and parking during his campaign in the fall by-election.

“A lot of that might not be able to be covered by HSF but the idea is to get the conversation started and to really hear the opinions of everyone and gather a consensus on certain ideas,” Millerd said.

Shawn Manahan and Ahmed Tahir also enter the elections with experience running campaigns for HSF executive positions. Humber News reports on the details of their platform on Tuesday.