Pink Manicures for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Life

By Aabida Dhanji

Pink ribbons are traditionally worn during October as part of breast cancer awareness campaigns, but what about pink nails?

The Canadian Cancer Society has launched an initiative called ManiCURES as a part of their 2014 campaign.

“This initiative is a challenge for guys you know to paint their nails pink for a day,” said Susan Drodge, Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships for the Canadian Cancer Society in Ontario.

“We thought what’s something that people love to do and the first thing that came to our mind, a great way to get out there and raise awareness is to do something really visible,” said Drodge. “We thought what better way than to get a pink manicure and when people ask you why you have a pink manicure in October you can tell them it’s for raising awareness for breast cancer and also to raise funds.”

Drodge said there are more than 40 salons participating across the province, including The Ten Spot Beauty Bar, a popular salon with 14 locations

“We are encouraging people to get pink manicures, tweet it out and use the hash tag #PinkManiCURE to show their support and get more people talking about it,” said Kristen Wood, CEO of The Ten Spot Beauty Bars. “The Ten Spot Beauty Bar will donate $1 for each manicure done to the Canadian Cancer Society for research as well as support services.”

Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness, Image via WikiMedia Commons

Drodge said men don’t have to do their manicures at the salon, they can have a friend, spouse or co-worker paint their nails for them. “They can go onto the fundraising page and set a fundraising goal, once they reach their goal it’s time for them to paint their nails pink, said Drodge. The top ten men that reach their fundraising goal will receive a complimentary pink manicure at one of The Ten Spot Beauty Bar locations, said Wood. “That’s something we really liked about this that it’s going to people who are fighting the disease right now, to give them support services, whether that’s makeovers or wigs or rides to their appointments, that’s something that stuck out to us,” said Wood. Drodge said all money raised will go towards leading-edge research, as well as programs and services for women living with breast cancer and their families. She added that this also helps to set up programs geared towards creating awareness on the importance of mammograms and other forms of breast cancer screenings.