ISIS subway plot revealed by Iraqi PM but U.S. denies claims

by | Sep 25, 2014 | International, News


Courtesy of Wikipedia

By Jesse Noseworthy

Iraq’s Prime minister revealed on Thursday that his country’s intelligence has uncovered a plot by the militant group ISIS to attack U.S. and Paris subway systems.

However, two unnamed senior U.S. government officials said they have no credible evidence of the plot, Reuters reported.

In a speech at the United Nations Assembly in New York Iraqi PM, Haider al-Abadi, said that the United States has been alerted of the plan for an imminent attack.

“Today, while I’m here I’m receiving accurate reports from Baghdad that there were arrests of a few elements and there were networks from inside Iraq,” he told the UN. “They are not Iraqis. Some of them are French, some of them are Americans. But they are in Iraq,” he said.

He said the plan was to have attacks “on metros of Paris and U.S.”