Humber’s new carpooling policy helps commuters

by | Sep 29, 2014 | News



Parking may now be easier for carpoolers.

By Jacob Wilson-Hajdu

Driving back and forth from Humber can be expensive and stressful. But Humber’s Sustainability Program has laid out a new policy that may help some.

“I fill up a tank and there is like four tickers on my gas thing, so a trip here and back would be like one ticker. So filling up is 80 dollars for the van, so like 20 dollars a trip and plus parking, your looking at 27 dollars a day.” Ben Swallow, a Humber student said.

The Sustainability Program has created a new carpooling policy that allows students to plan their trip, find possible carpooling matches and also gives them designated parking with a carpooling permit.

“I sometimes give people who are from Oakville rides there and back. It helps out with the gas, but we have a lot of different class times, so it doesn’t always work out. If I had a steady carpooling group I would deffinitly give it a look.” Swallow said.

The five-year Sustainability Program, which includes the carpooling policy, was created after gathering feedback from five thousand people at Humber. It hopes to encourage and help a growing carpooling community.

“Last year in terms of carpooling, we created a partnership with an organization that matches people with carpools. This fall we said ok you have had a year, hopefully some carpools have been made and we want to encourage it further. So we set out some reserved carpool spots, which you will see at both campuses.” Lindsay Walker, manager of Humber Sustainability said.

In order to use the carpooling designated parking spots, you must obtain a carpool-parking permit at Traffic Services.
“It’s not hard to get a carpool permit, as long as you have two or more people that are driving in together. Then there is an application you can fill out on our website and you get carpool permit…One carpool permit is the cost of a regular parking permit, but you splitting it with one person or more. “ Walker said.

If the carpooling relationship doesn’t work out the permit may still be redeemable.

“The first person is on the hook for the full amount, but they will probably still have to drive, then they would have to go back to parking services to change their permit from carpooling to a regular one. And if everyone starts taking the bus, then you just get your money back for whatever is left over. “ Walker said.

Humber has partnered with Smart Commute, which provides a way for students to map out how they are going to commute to Humber College and offers possible matches for carpooling.

“Smart Commute is a initiative out of Metrolinx that is designed to encourage commuters to do something different,” said Nadine Navarro, Smart Commute manager.

Smart Commute also helps provide commuters with routing options that deal with transit, biking and carpooling. It helps you plan out your commute with alternatives that are available to you.

“So seeing what you are working with and trying a different transportation option.” Navarro said.

You can plan your commute at