HSF by-elections going unnoticed

Sep 18, 2014 | Campus News

By Jesse Noseworthy

HSFWith just six months moved from one of the biggest controversies in HSF history, the Humber Students Federation is looking forward, not behind by holding a by-election.

There’s one problem, though: many students are unaware of the chance for their voices to be heard. Students can vote on Sep. 26, 29 and 30.

Humber News conducted an unofficial poll by taking to the hallways of Humber and talking to students. Most students said that they were unaware or couldn’t be bothered in student politics.

‘I would vote if I was more aware of it,’ said Rebecca Pallesich-Medina, a first year Practical Nursing student.

Pallesich-Medina said she’d like to see HSF implement more on-campus clubs.

“I’m only aware because I saw a Rob Gemmell poster,” said second year Kinesiology student, Tanner Ahola.

Ahola said that he’s lost a lot of faith in HSF following last year’s election scandal.

Back in March, incumbent President Tim Brilhante was removed from the ballot during the initial voting period. Shortly after a vote took place at the HSF Annual General Meetings. A vote of 89-90 would force a by-election in the fall (present day).

At the last Board of Directors meeting, Brilhante was removed from his position of President, barring him from running in the upcoming by-election.

“What happened happened,” said Eric Collings, Chair of the Board of Directors at Humbers North Campus. “The only way to grow is to move on and I’ve moved on.”

“I don’t want to be dwelling on it anymore,” said Collings

Collings said that there’s a lot to look forward in the upcoming by-election.

“I hope it’s a well run race,” said Collings. “We have some great candidates.”

Presidential candidates are Shawn Manahan, Patrick Millerd, Thomas Walton and Ali Zaidi.

North Campus Board of Directors candidates are Rob Gemmel and Saurabh Kanda.

Stay tuned for a feature interview with North Campus Vice President of Student Life, Ahmed Tahir.