Humber event to showcase best of student work

May 13, 2014 | News


By Paul Rocca

The Humber School of Media Studies will be holding its first Class Acts event on Wednesday, showcasing the best work from its students across 34 different programs.

The event will offer attendees with a multi-platform exhibit organized in ten clusters of student works presented by the students themselves.

“This is the first time we’re doing this,” said Guillermo Acosta, dean of the Humber School of Media studies. “It’s the first time we’ve brought all programs together in the same event.  It’s not a portfolio show, it’s a show to showcase the best work from the school and the possibilities that the school can offer in terms of multi-platform storytelling.”

“Every program has done it differently, depending on the assignment,” said Cassandra Federbusz, chair of the event and post-grad Public Relations student at Humber. “They’ve essentially chosen what really stood out. This is to show the variety of work that’s done at Humber.”

Photo courtesy of Humber School of Media Studies

Photos courtesy of Humber School of Media Studies

The event will also include two screenings of student work from a variety of programs, including Humber’s Film diploma and degree programs, Television Broadcast and Production, and TV writing.  Before the doors open there will be a a private function between students and CBC executives who will be treated to a sneak peak of their respective works.

“We have a very particular and unique school in terms of being in that sweet spot of the confluence of media information technology and art, all under the same roof,” said Acosta.

The event organizers hope the event will help demonstrate the creative potential Humber and its students have to offer to the media industry.

“We’re here to show the world that Humber is the number one multi-platform storytelling school in North America,” said Federbusz.  “We want to be known as the storytellers of tomorrow.  That’s our tagline, and it’s our vision for this event.”

Class Acts is a Humber College event hosted at the Barbara Frum Atrium 250 Front St W., Toronto, Canada. The event will run from 4PM to 8PM and is free to attend.