Shaw Communications scraps 400 jobs

by | Apr 16, 2014 | News

By Tyrrell Meertins

Calgary-based Shaw Communications intends on cutting 400 jobs, with plans of merging operations.

The job-cuts amount to three per cent of its workforce, and it’s aimed to improve efficiency of cable, satellite, home-phone and Internet service.

Ultimately, the modifications will be divided into two units, in which Shaw services offered will be offered to residential consumers and business customers.

Chethan Lakshman, Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communication of Shaw Media, told Humber News on Tuesday that he believes the changes are intended to make Shaw a more efficient and customer centric company.

“We believe these changes are necessary to further strengthen our company, enabling us to become more agile and engaged with the customer and viewer at the centre,” Lakshman said.

“Approximately 400 management and non-customer service roles will be affected by the organizational changes. We are also hiring more than 100 people and investing resources in specific areas, including procurement, supply chain, segmentation, pricing, network architecture, and next generation products.”

According to a statement released by Shaw CEO Brad Shaw, the roles and structure established years ago to support Shaw can no longer support the cable company’s growth.

“We are eliminating duplication of work and organizing our activities and operations in a way that best meets the needs of our customers and viewers,” Shaw said.

The 48-year-old company that was founded in Edmonton currently serves 3.4 million customers; 1.8 million are Internet subscribers, and more than one million are Shaw Home Phone customers.

Shaw Media consists of 20 specialty channels including Global Television, Home and Garden TV Canada, the Food Network, History television and Showcase.

Although Shaw employs over 14,000 people, Lakshman believes the changes will improve the customers overall service.

“By aligning our structure more closely with providing exceptional experiences to our customers, we believe we our employees will be even more engaged and inspired and enhance Shaw as a great place to work.”