HSF Controversy: What students are saying

Mar 17, 2014 | Campus News

By Alexis MacDonald and Taylor Parsons

After the controversial results of the 2014 HSF election, many students were left wondering why current HSF President Tim Brilhante was removed from the ballot.

The sitting HSF president Brilhante who was seeking re-election was disqualified late Thursday night – less than 24 hours before the polls closed – from the HSF presidential election. Chief Returning Officeer Natalia Toussaint chose not to disclose the reasons for the ruling.

Because Brilhante was disqualified, he was no longer considered a candidate and  HSF electoral rules dictated that he was, therefore,  no longer eligible to issue a formal appeal.

A total of 5,470 votes were cast in the election. Shawn Manahan was elected president with 1,051 votes, edging out Mary Anne Savoie who received 995 votes, and Kay Tracey who received 796 votes.

Humber News reporter Taylor Parsons took to the halls of the North Campus to get student reaction.