Discover Scarborough kicks off cultural hotspot showcase

Mar 25, 2014 | Arts

By Kelly Khizakia

The Scarborough Bluffs pictured in the springtime in May 2009. The Bluffs are one of the cultural hotspots in Discover Scarborough.

The Scarborough Bluffs pictured in the springtime in May 2009. The Bluffs are one of the cultural hotspots in Discover Scarborough.

Starting this May, the city of Toronto will be launching a project that highlights cultural hotspots in south Scarborough showcasing arts, events, and communities.

The goal is to bring attention to the communities and diverse people throughout Scarborough neighborhoods in an area bounded by Lawrence Avenue to the north, Lake Ontario to the south, Victoria Park Avenue to the west and Highland Creek to east.

The City of Toronto‘s website says the project is “produced in collaboration with local arts, cultural and heritage organizations, community partners, local businesses, environmental groups, social agencies and other city divisions, this project builds on existing community strengths while developing cultural resources outsides Toronto’s downtown as recommended by the Creative Capital Gains Action Plan.”

Wards 35, 36, 37, 38, 43 and 44 are all involved in Discover Scarborough and councillors from each of those areas have chosen a cultural hotspot from their home turf.

The event runs until October.

Below is a map of the cultural hotspots, along with the councillors who have chosen it and their reasons on the City of Toronto website about why they chose them.

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Ward 36 Scarborough Southwest’s Councillor Gary Crawford listed the Scarborough Arts as his cultural hotspot, and explained why this hotspot is important:

“Scarborough Arts is the largest active arts organization in Scarborough and is the hub in bridging partnerships between local artists and the communities in which they live. Over the past year Ward 36 has become a magnet for artistic talent with the addition of new murals that highlight the vibrancy of our ever changing community. Additionally, the annual bluffs photography contest aims to promote local photographers and showcase the beauty of the Scarborough Bluffs.”

Julia Chan, the communications and development coordinator for Scarborough Arts, said they work in the Scarborough community and is apart of the Local Arts Service Organizations.

The Scarborough Arts holds multiple programs for all ages and are also a membership based organization.

“Artists of all stripes can join and we offer a gallery that members can access,” Chan told Humber News.

The Scarborough Arts has been open since 1978, but this is not the first time it’s been recognized by the city of Toronto.

Jen Fabico, the Program Director at Scarborough Arts, said there’s some planned events coming up for the cultural hotspot.

“We are one of the lead partners in the cultural hotspots and we’re bringing in multiple projects to really push forward the cultural hotspot brand and tag,” Fabico told Humber News.

She said multiple projects like the Art in Stores event,which partners with the Danforth’s BIA in Scarborough, will showcase artwork in local businesses.

The theme for the Art in Stores project is wallflowers and the artwork will be displayed in dentist offices and cafes.

Scarborough Arts will work with the local businesses in the Danforth BIA, to showcase on Scarborough works.

“Essentially, we would like to focus on the different people who live and reside and celebrate in that community at the end of the day,” she said.