HSF Controversy: Online petition gaining signatures

by | Mar 17, 2014 | Campus News

By: Darryn O’Malley and Natalie Hanniman

**Update: 338 supporters as of 11 a.m. Tuesday

There was growing attention Monday to an online petition requesting that Tim Brilhante be allowed to appeal his removal from the ballot last week.

The sitting Humber Students’ Federation president was seeking re-election, but was disqualified late Thursday night – less than 24 hours before the polls closed.

So far, Chief Returning Officer Natalia Toussaint has not disclosed the reasons for the ruling.

Because Brilhante was disqualified, he was no longer considered a candidate and HSF electoral rules dictated that he was, therefore, no longer eligible to issue a formal appeal.

A total of 5,470 votes were cast in the election. Shawn Manahan was elected president with 1,051 votes, edging out Mary Anne Savoie who received 995 votes, and Kay Tracey who received 796 votes.

300 supporters online, so far

As of 2 p.m. on Monday, the petition on change.org had garnered over 300 supporters so far.

Steven McInnis, who is also an appeal review committee member for HSF, launched the petition. The webpage states:

“In any democracy, an individual should have the right to appeal his/her removal from an election process. In this instance, Timothy Brilhante has had this right taken away from him… Tim has been unfairly treated in this instance and I urge the Guelph-Humber and Humber community to sign this petition to condemn the decision by the HSF to waive his right to an appeal.”

@Humber reporter Natalie Hanniman caught up to McInnison Monday morning.

“I believe anyone should have the right to appeal a decision that’s been brought forward,” Mcinnis said.

“No evidence has been provided as to his reasons for disqualification by HSF. Tim has given reasons that were presented to him. I feel those reasons to be invalid, as well as very weak.”

Below is the full interview with McInnis.