10 most controversial religious films

Mar 28, 2014 | Arts

Photo courtesy of humberpike

Photo courtesy of humberpike

By Kelly Townsend

Director Darren Aronofsky’s biblical film Noah was released Friday, but not everyone will have a chance to watch it.

The movie has been banned in Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates as well as Indonesia for depicting Noah, an important prophet of Islam. According to Islamic law, creating visual depictions of a prophet is strictly prohibited.

Paramount Pictures has included a disclaimer in the film, stating that the film takes “artistic license” with the Book of Genesis, but is “true to the essence, values and integrity” of the story.

This is not the first time a film depicting an Islamic prophet has caused controversy.

In September 2012 a film depicting the prophet Mohammad titled Innocence of Muslims led to several protests in the Middle East, and has been linked to the death of the U.S. ambassador to Benghazi and three other Americans.

The Catholic church is infamous for publicly denouncing films that portray the church in an unflattering light.

Humber News has compiled a list of some of the most controversial religious films to make headlines.