City council limits Ford’s power

by | Nov 15, 2013 | News

By Lily Tran

Mayor Rob Ford was stripped of some of his power at City Hall Friday in response to his behaviour since he admitted to smoking crack.

The move was made during two special meetings organized by City Councillors concerned about the string of allegations against the mayor as well as his refusal to take a leave of absence or step down.

The first motion, which was proposed by Cllr. Paul Ainslie and Cllr. John Filion, was to remove Ford’s power over committees. Ford will no longer be able to dismiss the deputy mayor, committee chairs or members of the executive committee. Council members voted 39-3 in favour of the motion.

The second motion, also proposed by Cllr. John Filion, was to remove Ford’s emergency powers. The responsibilities will be transferred to deputy mayor Norm Kelly if Toronto is faced with an emergency. Council members voted 41-2 in favour of the motion.

Before the votes were taken by councillors, Ford said he would challenge the ruling in court.

After the vote, Mayor Ford said he did not resent any of the actions against him by councillors and said he would have reacted similarly if he was put in the same position.

Cllr. Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, said that it was not up to council to limit Ford’s powers, but rather up to the public. Ford also said council did not have the legal authority to decide on the matter.

Both motions will remain effective until the end of Mayor Ford’s term in October 2014.