Hashtag art gallery hosts a Ghost and Goblin show

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Arts

With Halloween around the corner, spooky artwork is now on display at Hashtag Gallery.

The gallery is hosting an open call art show titled Ghosts and Goblins to showcase the work of local artists.

The theme of the three day show running this weekend  is the mystical realm that surrounds the undead.

Valentina Scartapenna an artist and art history student who is featured in the show has been creating artwork for as long as she can remember.

“Apparently when I was really young I would always pick up pencils and colour in the shapes instead of outside of the lines,” Scartapenna said.

Scartapenna’s painting featured in the show is a part of a series titled Muses.

“I’m making 40 pieces, and they’re all under the theme muses, and this painting is a reflection on the story Medusa. A lot of pop culture surrounding Medusa is this crazy lady, with snakes coming out of her head.”

“But the story is a lot more beautiful to me.  She is essentially cursed by Medina, so I tried to reflect that in the sadness of my piece,” she said.

This is the second show to feature Scartapenna’s artwork and she has two solo shows booked for 2014.

Anton Marchasano, another artist featured in the show has been creating artwork since he was a child.

“My artwork tonight was done with old style printer cartilage ink, I broke them open and apparently there’s sponge in there. I just used the sponge and the ink and I painted the ladies on scooters.”

“It’s all done using only printer cartridges. I used my fingers, and the sponge for the colours, the red the yellow the blue, because that’s the only colours you get with a printer cartridge, and the rest was done with a paint brush,” said Marchasano.

The art show, Ghosts and Goblins started Thursday and runs until Sunday.

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