Prada thieves make off with $100k of merchandise

Sep 20, 2013 | News


A break-in at the Prada store in Yorkville has police keeping an eye out on websites like Kijiji and eBay.

By Jade Leung

Police are keeping an eye out on websites like Kijiji and eBay after a break-in at the Prada store in Yorkville.

“Investigators are aware that having items sold online is not uncommon and they have methods for finding and tracking these sort of situations,” says Constable Sarah Diamond, the media relations officer for the Toronto Police, “A number of stolen items are often sold online or at flea markets.”

The break-in occurred earlier this week when a white BMW smashed through the Prada window, leaving with approximately $100,000 of stolen goods. This incident happened shortly after a similar break-in occurred at Sporting Life at  Sherway Gardens.

“These things unfortunately happen and we really do rely on the public when they see these things happening to call 911, so that we can get there and try to stop any losses that might occur,” says Diamond, “It is a brazen act. I couldn’t even begin to explain why someone would think that’s a good idea.”

Online classified sites like Kijiji often allow users to report suspicious ads suspecting illegal activity. “We commit significant resources toward the detection and prevention of activities that violate our policies for posting prohibited items, said Shawn McIntyre, the community manager at Kijiji Canada, in an email. “We ask that users let us know if they see an ad that they think is spam, offensive, miscategorized or illegal.”