New car sales on the rise, StatsCan says

Sep 16, 2013 | Biz/Tech

StatsCan says new car sales are on the rise. SOURCE: Taneli Rajala

StatsCan says new car sales are on the rise.
SOURCE: Taneli Rajala

Julienne Bay

Statistics Canada on Monday published a new report on motor vehicle sales this past July. New car sales have dropped from 174,439 to 161,697 since the previous month.

Monthly Car Sales in 2013 (Statics Canada)


Despite the drop of sales in the monthly report, vehicle sales have jumped 6.8 per cent since last year. More trucks have been sold compared to passenger cars in July. However, passenger cars saw steeper increase in sales than trucks.

Passenger cars manufactured in North America saw growth of 16.9 per cent between July 2012 and 2013, while those manufactured overseas grew by 4 per cent.

Annual Vehicle Sales Between July 2012 and July 2013

Number of Vehicles,July 2012 Number of Vehicles,July 2013 %
New Vehicles 151,451 161,697 6.8
Passenger Cars 63,244 70,674 11.7
North American Manufacturers 37,947 44,358 16.9
Overseas Manufacturers 25,297 26,316 4
Trucks 88,207 99,452 3.2

Desrosiers Automotive Consultants Inc., a Canadian market research company specializing in automobiles, said this is the highest amount of sales during the January to June period in Canada. Approximately 880,000 passengers cars and trucks were sold, which is 2.2 per cent more than the 2012 January to June period.

“The sales are up almost six per cent (compared to last year) this August,” said Michael Hatch, the Chief Economist of Canadian Automobile Dealers Association. “We’re predicting strong demand for this year, until the final quarter.”

Luxury Brands showed high growth in sales, between July 2012 and 2013.

Jaguar sales saw an increase of 125.5 per cent, while Mercedes-Benz sales went up by 18.8 per cent. Porsche sales jumped by 30 per cent, and Land Rover by 17.9 per cent. On the other hand, BMW and Volvo decreased in sales by 0.9 per cent and 17.5 per cent, respectively.

North American car sales July 2012-2013


Japan and Korea car sales July 2012 – 2013



There are slight differences in numbers published by Statistics Canada and other leading industry figures.

According to Desrosiers, 158,993 new vehicles were sold in July. However, the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association reported that just over 159,000 new vehicles were sold in July.