Political public appearance vital, Humber expert says

by | Mar 12, 2013 | News

PHOTO: Courtesy Wiki Commons. Federal Liberal leadership frontrunner Justin Trudeau made headlines recently with a new, shorter hairstyle.

By Stephen J. Donkers
With files by William Kee

Public appearance is critical for politicians to help sell themselves and political messages, a Humber political science professor said Tuesday.

“Style is very important, and sadly, that’s the key,” said Blake Lambert. “Appearance may convince people who attribute a lot value to how someone looks.”

Last month when Kathleen Wynne was sworn in as premier of Ontario, Lambert said he was asked why Wynne would wear pants during her swearing in.

“It’s the most meaningless question, but it’s still something people will think about,” he said.

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Justin Trudeau, the frontrunner for the federal Liberal leadership, recently sported a shorter hair cut than his normal longer hair at a debate in Halifax.

Trudeau’s new hairstyle could work to sell him to voters, Karen Brunger, President of the International Image Institute, told Humber News reporter William Kee.

“With the slicked-back look, he does have the more high power creditable look,” Brunger said. “Now he is appealing to people who are more conservative.”

Brunger said Trudeau’s longer hair had strong appeal, too.

“With longer, curlier hair, he appealed to young people, especially women.”

Brunger said regardless of what type of look a politician like Trudeau has, he still has make it work in his favour.

“However he comes across, he has to be congruent to the look he has.”