Humber wins 22 new media awards in New York

by | Mar 21, 2013 | News

By: Tashae Haughton

Some Humber Journalism students walked away with a number of award s from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in New York this year. It announced winners in the yearbook and digital media categories for its 30th Gold Circle Awards competition.

Columbia University handed out its 30th Gold Circle Awards to journalism students COURTESY/WIKI COMMONS

Columbia University handed out its 30th Gold Circle Awards to journalism students COURTESY/WIKI COMMONS

Out of  755 successful candidates, Humber received 22 new media awards placing either first, second or third, or receiving a certificate of merit, or honourable mention.

“We’ve been entering this competition since 1989,” said Terri Arnott, faculty adviser for YYZ and Convergence. “Every year we’ve won  awards—sometimes a lot and this year is one of them.”

Dona Boulos, a final-year journalism print student received a certificate of merit award for her Hear the cry of the Congolese piece in Scribe magazine in the News Feature section of the awards.

“After four months of working on the story — and in those months my story changed numerous times — finally seeing the final product really touched my heart,” Boulos said.  “I couldn’t have done it without my photographers who brought my story to life and my editorial team who were so supportive.”

Not only did Boulos get recognition for her heartfelt story, but so did Scribe, the Humber’s magazine that she wrote for.

Scribe received the number three spot for the Magazine Online Design Website section. Three of Humber’s other entries in the magazine also made the list.

“I feel very proud,” she said. “Not only of myself, but of the entire team.”

Jonathan Zettel , Sara Rea,  and Sara Miller also won stories for Scribe.

“To know that these Humber journalists went up against some of the best journalism schools in North America and came out winners is gratifying as a prof,” said Humber professor Renee Wilson, the faculty adviser for Scribe.

Other magazines that won from Humber were Finecut, Convergence and Magazine World.

This year Columbia received nearly six thousand entries produced by students at the secondary and post-secondary level throughout North America.  Entries won in categories ranging from 42 yearbook categories and 51 digital media categories for individuals and student publication staff.

Humber News, the college’s daily online publication, was another winner. The site snagged a certificate of merit.

Marlee Greig, Ryan Saundercook, Daniel Buzzelli, Sarah MacDonald, Elaine Anselmi, Elton Hobson, Alex Consiglio, Erin Eaton, Katherine Ward, Kelly Snider, Chanelle Seguin all won for stories published for Humber.