Mideast ceasefire gets backing of UN head

by | Nov 20, 2012 | News

By Mamta Lulla

There could be a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as early as midnight Tuesday with Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon backing the plan and with the Israeli prime minister agreeing to be a willing partner.

Since the conflict began, at least a 133 Palestinians have died in Gaza and four people in Israel, CBC News reported Tuesday.

Kids running to shelter during a siren in southern Israel last week. COURTESY ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES on Twitter.

According to the Washington Post, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be arriving in the Middle East late on Tuesday to speak to Israeli and Arab leaders, in hopes to avoid an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

The conflict in the region has sparked a war of words internationally.

Steve McDonald, associate director of communications for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs in Toronto told Humber News he blames the Hamas for attacks.

“What is happening is not the matter of Palestinians versus Israelis – it is Hamas. The terror organization is holding hostages both Israelis and Palestinians alike,” he said.

“Everyday that Hamas fires missiles, states this fantasy of destroying Israel, is another day without peace,” he added.

Meanwhile, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, a Toronto-based group, said the Israeli government is blamed for the ongoing attacks.

“We blame the Israeli government and the Israeli system of apartheid. We don’t support any kind of violence on both sides against civilians,” said Hammam Farah, who works with the group.

“We need to educate Canadians about the crisis in the Middle East and Gaza. The Canadian government is pro-Israel and pro-Israeli apartheid. They don’t hesitate to support Israeli campaigns,” said Farah, who was born in Gaza.

Both McDonald and Farah believe a truce will be an important short-term solution.