100th Grey Cup Festival: A weekend of celebrations

Nov 26, 2012 | Sports

By Ustad Khaira, Shaleni McBain and Luke Vermeer


Saturday and Sunday marked 100 years of the Grey Cup, and all of Canada came together to celebrate.

A Toronto Argonauts fan at the Grey Cup Festival. PHOTO BY USTAD KHAIRA

In the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, from Tiger town to Riderville to the Atlantic Schooners, every team had a part in the celebrations, and every part of Canada was represented.

There were players from various teams signing autographs, and players from the past and present wandering around the festival conversing with fans.

Saturday was an all Canadian party as each of the teams had zones that represented their city and celebrated the Grey Cup making it to 100 years with parties in each zone.

Sunday before the game, Front Street was taken over by CFL fans getting pumped up for the game.

The ‘Official Pre-Game Party’ took place where musical talents performed and Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Argonauts vice-chair and ambassador, gave a pre-game pep talk to the crowd.