Toronto youth council to have first meeting

Oct 26, 2012 | News

CYC TO will have their first meeting Saturday. COURTESY TYLER JOHNSON

By Stacey Thompson

The City Youth Council of Toronto – a group of youths who shadow Toronto city councillors to learn about government and to speak for young people in the city – is holding its first meeting Saturday.

“The first meeting is very ceremonial,” founder Tyler Johnson said. “The morning will be their induction ceremony. Councilor Carl will be speaking and she was the past advocate for youth in Toronto. In the afternoon, we will have the chair, the vice chair and the committee chairs.

According to the group’s website this is the first year that a democratic publicly elected youth council has been established. The members are aged 14 to 22 and are elected by their peers.

Johnson said the initiative started in January.  For the last nine months the group has been getting support from city councillors, the mayor, the clerk’s office and other departments.

Youth council members will have the chance to discuss and debate issues that are brought up by the city committee and issues they bring to the table.

They will shadow a councillor at least once per year and are responsible for attending community meetings.

Ward 20 Trinity – Spadina Councillor Adam Vaughan said the youth committee will have the chance to voice their opinions, to shape debates and influence decisions.

Vaughan said the more exposure youth have to governments, politics and the electoral system, the more equipped youth are as voters.