Ontario teachers advised to limit report card comments

by | Oct 18, 2012 | News

By Stacey Thompson

Public school teachers across the province of Ontario have been advised by their union, Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario, to write the minimum comments required in student report cards this fall.

According to Ministry of Education guidelines, teachers do not have to write more than a single sentence in report card comment sections, the Globe and Mail reported Thursday.

The move is voluntary and teacher have the choice to write more.

This is the latest action being taken by teachers in response to the provincial government’s wage–freeze legislation that curbs teachers bargaining rights, the Toronto Star reported.

The wage freeze was enacted by the minority Liberal government on Sept. 11 to help reduce the provincial deficit of $14.4. billion, the CBC reported.

Since the school year began in September, many schools have had to cancel extracurricular programs since many teachers have refused to do more then they are required.


Teachers are being asked to write single sentences in the report card comment sections. CURTSY OF WIKICOMMONS