Divorce party seen as healthy idea

Sep 18, 2012 | News

by Jeanette Liu

Divorce Party The Musical celebrates separation through music and dance. COURTESY Divorce Party 2012

Celebrating a birthday? Cut a cake. Getting engaged? Buy a giant rock. Getting divorced? Attend a huge “I’m getting separated” fete.

That’s exactly what some Toronto residents plan to do this week.

Rob Pagetto, founder of The Divorce Party, plans to hold Canada’s largest celebration for divorcees at the Capitol Event Theatre on Friday.

According to Statistics Canada, the divorce rate in North America is at an estimated 41 per cent before the 30th year.

“My parents are divorced and I have friends who got divorced,” said Pagetto, who has not been divorced but has been in three relationships.

He was inspired to throw the annual event after noting the high divorce rates three years ago when he was a club owner in Fort Lauderdale.

‘Why not have it at a bigger venue?’

“I just heard some women talking about how they were going to have a divorce party at their house,” he said. “And I thought why not have it at a bigger venue and include men as well, because I’m sure they’re going through struggles too.”

Toronto psychotherapist Tracy Richards, who specializes in divorce, thinks separation parties, similar to Pagetto’s, are a great idea.

“It can be really healthy if it’s done in a positive way,” she said. “But, if it’s a party full of people who want to bash your ex and hate him or her as much as you do, it’s ultimately not good.”

The event hopes to house hundreds of divorcees and like-minded single folk looking to mix and mingle over some liquid-courage and music while annulling shameful taboos once associated with divorce.

“It’s a party that’s meant to bond people and give them a chance to celebrate who they are as they move into the next new phase of their lives,” said Pagetto.

Divorce rates have increased since 1926 and have remained steady since hitting its peak around 1986.
COURTESY Statistics Canada