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Ontario colleges push for government co-operation News

Ontario's colleges are pushing for the provincial government to work alongside educators and businesses to address the shortage of information regarding the career market to students.

By Chelsea Howard Ontario colleges are pushing the provincial government to work with educators and businesses to help improve youth unemployment. One of the college sector’s main priorities is to address the shortage of information about career trends in the labour market. “Knowing more about the labour market gives the students more knowledge so they

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Baltimore police enforce city-wide curfew following riots News

Baltimore police officials line up before implementing city-wide curfew. (Reuters)

By Chelsea Howard After a day of rioting and utter chaos, more than 3,000 police and National Guardsmen forced Baltimore citizens to obey an all-night curfew. Baltimore police fired tear gas canisters and pepper balls in an attempt to calm the crowds, but protestors retaliated by throwing them right back at the officers. The curfew went

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Ontario willing to fund Mississauga-Brampton LRT project News

Ontario is moving forward with the Hurontario-Main Light Rail Transit project with the help of provincial funding.

By Chelsea Howard The regional transit agency Metrolinx announced Tuesday that the province will provide $1.5 billion to the Hurontario-Main Light Rail Transit project, potentially shafting the idea of the downtown relief line. The project will connect Mississauga’s lakefront to downtown Brampton with 23 kilometers of transit, offering 26 stops including three stops within downtown Mississauga and two

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Gardiner Expressway needs to go, poll suggests News

More than 50 per cent of Torontonians said they want the Gardiner torn down. Keeping the Expressway could cost an estimated $900 million.

By Chelsea Howard More than 50 per cent of Torontonians said that the Gardiner Expressway needs to go, a recent Forum poll shows. Of those people, 27 per cent said it should be replaced with a tunneled roadway, 13 per cent want a surface roadway, and the remaining 12 per cent want parts town down according

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A year of battling the worst Ebola outbreak News

One year ago today, the World Health Organization released the initial report looking back on its past year battling the Ebola virus.

By Chelsea Howard Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders released a report entitled “Pushed to the Limit and Beyond,” that looked into the year of the largest Ebola outbreak. The Toronto Star reported that the agency has deployed more than 1,300 international staff, who have witnessed more than 2,500 patients die from

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Reduce tuition costs, student group tells MPPs News

Student advocate group to speak with MPPs regarding reducing tuition fees.

By Chelsea Howard The Canadian Federation of Students met with MPPs in Ontario on Tuesday, pushing for a 35 per cent reduction in tuition fees. The lobbying action comes as students across the province face tuition increases of upwards to five per cent next year. “We’re currently asking for about a 35 per cent reduction

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