Author: cathykoshy

Recent injuries raise questions about safety barriers at TTC

The recent incidents of accidents in Toronto’s subway stations pose a bigger challenge of public safety to TTC.

The latest was reported yesterday after a 45-year-old man was taken to the trauma center with serious head injuries at North York Centre subway station. He was reportedly standing too close on the platform and was hit by the train.

TTC is Canada’s second busiest system after the Montreal Metro and second longest by track length after the Vancouver Sky Train.

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Stephen Hawking dead at 76

Stephen Hawking, one of the most influential and inspirational scientists has died at his home in Cambridge on Wednesday, March 14.

The British cosmologist influenced physics by developing a much better understanding of causality, by understanding the deeper implications of theories of space and time.

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Renowned evangelist Billy Graham, dead at age 99.

The 60-year evangelical crusade of Rev. Billy Graham has come to an end. But his voice and words will remain monumental among Christians all around the globe.

Graham, popularly known as America’s Pastor, passed away on Feb. 20 at the age of 99 at his home in North Carolina. He is unquestionably the most dominant figure the world has ever known in Christian ministry, known for holding stadium-sized rallies around the world.

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