Canada’s Wonderland launches new ride ahead of summer season

Jun 20, 2023 | Canadian News

Canada’s Wonderland recently added a new addition to its more than 200-ride collection — the Tundra Twister.

The Tundra Twister is a pendulum-style flat ride that sends riders more than 10 storeys in the air at speeds of 75km per hour. Its gondola-like arm rotates and twists in the air, ultimately taking all 40 riders for a 360-degree spin.

The park’s director of communications, Grace Peacock, said rides like the Tundra Twister haven’t been seen anywhere across the world.

“It’s literally the only one of its kind anywhere,” Peacock told Humber News.

Created by the Dutch roller coaster manufacturer Mondial, the Tundra Twister was originally a prototype for the company’s pendulum-style rides.

The ride is listed as a five on the park’s ‘thrill scale,’ the highest ranking a ride can receive.

However, some riders suggested it lacked the right amount of thrill for it to be considered a five.

“I was kind of expecting more, to be honest,” a rider named Emma said, mentioning that it was the anticipation that was scarier than the ride itself.

“I wish it was kind of longer because it was shorter than usual,” she also mentioned.

Another rider told Humber News that although she would ride it again, it didn’t necessarily deliver what she was expecting while waiting in line.

“It’s just not as scary as the other roller coasters,” Mika said. “You just don’t get that kind of drop in your stomach.”

The thrill factor of roller coasters, however, is subjective.

In the case of a park visitor watching her friend ride the attraction, she said she was fine being on the sidelines supporting her friend

“I’m excited for my friend, he’s been on this ride before, and I know he loves it,” Natalka said. “I’m happy he gets to ride it again.”

She told Humber News that on a scale from one to 10, with the latter being the scariest ride ever, she gave it a nine.

“I could not do this,” Natalka said. “There’s a reason I’m not on it right now.”

Besides the Tundra Twister, she told Humber News that Canada’s Wonderland is a place that brings people together, be they thrill seekers or cautious riders.

“I do love the rides. I love so many of them,” Natalka said. “It’s just a fun place to go with friends, and it’s a good experience.”

Alongside the Tundra Twister, the park also recently launched Snoopy’s Racing Railway, a children’s launch ride located in the park’s family-friendly zone, Planet Snoopy.

Earlier this year, Canada’s Wonderland announced the renewal of certain security measures to combat misbehaviour and disruption caused by unaccompanied minors.

Operation Beehave was launched in July of 2022 in partnership with the York Regional Police, which allows officers to “investigate reports of disruptive or threatening behaviour” throughout the park and its surrounding areas.

Visitors should expect to see additional officers around the park throughout the 2023 summer season.

– With files from Shraddha Bhojane.