Students, faculty share Humber tips on how to thrive during post-secondary

Apr 15, 2023 | JRNL219 - 2023

Students and faculty offer their experience and advice for first-years who plan to study at Humber College in September.

Lauren Ramos, a second-year student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, told Humber News she enjoys her program and utilizes the resources to her advantage.

Some resources that Humer provides are counselling services, writing and math help, peer tutoring and more.

“Some advice I would give to first-year students is really trying your best to talk to a lot of people in your program. I know it’s kind of hard to make friends, especially because of the pandemic, but sometimes building relationships with your peers can really help support you throughout the rest of your program,” Ramos said.

Some Humber students like Monica Gomes said knowing the campus was a stress reliever.

Gomes, a first-year Massage Therapy student, said she studied at Humber before, and her experiences at the college have been good.

“Come a week or two earlier and get used to the building. It will make your lives a whole lot easier and you won’t be as nervous finding your classes,” she said.

Morgan Epp, a first-year Paralegal Studies student, said Humber is a very different environment from other schools.

“It wasn’t very personalized,” she said about other place. But at Humber it’s been different.

“Since the class sizes are a lot smaller, it just feels more connected and you have more of an opportunity to interact with each other,” she said.

Having a balance between life and school is what she wishes someone told her before starting post-secondary.

“You need to have a good balance between stress pushing you to do your work and to study, and actually living because it’s really easy to let the 14 weeks pass, and not do anything but study,” Epp said.

Focusing too much academy can burn you out quickly, and you will lose energy for the rest of the year, she said.

Rebecca Mateus, a second-year Early Childhood Education student, told Humber News being aware of upcoming assignments helped her stay organized.

“Plan out and know when all of your assignments are due so that you are not stressing out and forgetting a bunch,” she said.

Post-secondary can be intimidating, but professors and program coordinators are here to support the students.

Lara King, the Program Coordinator for the Advanced Journalism Diploma Program, said working at Humber full-time for 17 years has been gratifying.

“I love working with the students, it’s different all the time,” she said.

The students should get involved with the Humber community to fulfill their experience, King said.

“Really, just spending some time here in this community and getting involved in doing different things, things that scare you just a little bit is an incredibly valuable experience,” she said.