Nuance Exhibition arrives at Humber’s Lakeshore Galleries

Apr 13, 2023 | Arts, Campus News, Culture, Headlines

Nuance Exhibition is arriving at Humber College Lakeshore campus on April 14. an “embodiment of the creative journey of the Visual and Digital Arts students,” according to the website.

“This is one of the first open shelves after the pandemic. It is going to be a big show,” said Ebru Kur, one of the students and featured artists.

Nuance Exhibition flyer.

Nuance Exhibition flyer. Photo credit: Nuance Exhibition

Nuance Exhibition is a graduation showcase developed by the students in the Visual and Digital Arts program at Humber College Lakeshore campus.

The 2023 graduates from the program are going to present all the work they have made during their years of studies.

The showcase is the expression of the students’ creative journey as they prepare to embark on their careers as emerging artists.

“This is a great example of them [students] learning how to start something from scratch and seeing it finally materialize in public,” said Noni Kaur, Visual and Digital Arts professor.

Visual and Digital Arts students from Humber Lakeshore preparing Nuance Exhibition.

Visual and Digital Arts students from Humber Lakeshore preparing Nuance Exhibition. Photo credit: Fernando Bossoes

The art exhibition is not only an opportunity for people to see different artistic expressions but an excellent chance for students to put their work out in the world and have their first contact with industry professionals.

“It is very important because that’s part of why you create artwork, it is to actually share with people. The idea of putting your work out there, which can be a bit scary, is a critical part of doing art,” said Marc Colangelo, a professor in the program.

“This is a very important platform because you will have a lot of industry people coming in, there is a lot of human traffic, network,” Kaur said.

Students in the program also understand the importance of the event.

Nuance Exhibition artworks.

Nuance Exhibition artworks. The show opens at Lakeshore campus on Friday. Photo credit: Fernando Bossoes

“I appreciate that the college gives us a space where we can display our work. It is not an opportunity that comes around very frequently for visual artists,” said Lian Menezes, a student in the program.

The artworks are diverse; visitors would be able to see everything from paintings and scratchboards to sculptures and even digital arts.

“This year, we have a lot of varied styles of art around our class. You can expect something that is a bit more different, a bit more varied than usual,” Menezes said.

The event will take place at the Humber Galleries, located in room L1002 in the L building at Lakeshore campus.

Visitors will have the chance to enjoy the work of the 2023 graduates of the Visual and Digital Arts program, learn about their work and meet the featured artists in the exhibition from April 14 to 20.

“I think people are going to be spellbound because of this whole variety of work,” Kaur said. “They have everything from very traditional paintings and drawings to digital artwork and concept art.”

For more information regarding the schedule, featured artists and location, follow Nuance Exhibition on Instagram @nuance.2023. Further information and a digital exhibition are available on their website