‘Maximalist’ fashion show reminds people to be themselves

Apr 23, 2023 | Campus News, Culture, Life

The Humber Lakeshore graduate fashion students hit the runway on April 20 with designs and styles geared towards the philosophy of more is more.

The annual fashion show in the BMO Innovation Commons showcased the students’ hard work throughout the year in original outfits, following the theme of “maximalism.”

“Today’s event is really about expressing creative freedom for all the students,” said Rafaa Chapti, a faculty member for the fashion show.

“It’s for everyone really, and wearing clothes without worrying about what other people are going to think of you and really expressing the way you want to feel,” she said.

runway and entrance for the fashion show

The annual fashion show for Humber Lakeshore's fashion graduate students was hosted on April 20, 2023. Photo credit: Sajel Mistry

Yverson Huiting, the host speaker of the event, said this year’s theme symbolized the ultimate form of creative expression.

“We wanted to emphasize through this theme that fashion is diverse and there’s no set way to showcase your creativity,” he said.

The graduate fashion students spent the academic year working toward this show. The end results are used for their student portfolios and future endeavours after graduating.

“We have different departments as production, decor, and budgeting, and take this event very seriously. This work goes into student portfolios,” said Avneet Kaur Saluja, a member of the public relations team.

a fashion student walks the runway in a checkered suit

Connor Davison walks the runway at Humber Lakeshore's campus in an original checkered suit on April 20, 2023. Photo credit: Chatrron (Eric) Sadhu

The fashion students took the runway one by one, walking in their one of a kind maximalist outfits and stopping for a moment to pose for the camera.

Connor Davison, a fashion student and one of the models, said expressing himself through fashion makes him feel at ease.

“Fashion would mean expression and just being comfortable walking out the house and knowing who you are and being able to put it on your clothes to present to the world,” he said. “I think that’s what fashion is, just making yourself feel as comfortable as possible and confident.”

The event included gift bags on each seat for attendees to take home. Complimentary food and refreshments were also served.

Chapti emphasized the importance of inclusivity in fashion and being conscientious of people’s preferences.

“I think that fashion is a way to express yourself and with making sure that everything and everywhere is inclusive of everything, whether its age, sex, sexual orientation, and size,” she said.

a fashion student walking the runway

A fashion graduate student struts down the runway at the annual fashion show at Humber Lakeshore campus. Photo credit: Sajel Mistry

Saluja said being yourself and not copying what other people are doing can help people find their style.

“Be creative with your style. Don’t try to mimic what other influencers are doing,” she said.