Humber students give motivating insights for new first-years

Apr 14, 2023 | JRNL219 - 2023

With the semester is coming to an end, Humber faculty and students are giving advice to incoming first-years.

Ryan Zebrowski, a first-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing student, said new students should not be afraid to socialize and meet new people.

“Going into my first-year, I was nervous to interact with new people as I’m used to talking to people I went to high school with,” he said.

“But now that I’m done with my first-year, I can confidently say that interacting with new people was the right choice,” Zebrowski said.

When transitioning to a new school and environment, it can be tough to make new connections.

While making new friends can be hard, staying on-top of work can be even harder.

“Having one class a day is a change from high school. This way of teaching allows students to have more freedom with assignments,” Zebrowski said.

Sticking to deadlines can be tricky. Humber also offers educational programs like the math and writing centre, peer tutoring and the Humber Library Database.

“Through all the tests, exams and new friends, it’s safe to say it’s been a crazy first-year and I cannot wait for the second one,” Zebrowski said.

Elias Kottas, a first-year Business Management student, said to use your time wisely.

“In college you have more free time and it can be difficult to properly manage your time,” Kottas said.

“Make sure you are prepared for what is to come in college,” he said.

​​Alyson Fortowsky, an English professor at Humber, says it’s important to make connections with your peers.

“I think that, coming into a college program, students have to make a mental shift to independent learning,” Fortowsky said.

“That means making connections with people in your program both colleagues and professors. I think making those connections establishes and helps your future careers,” she said.

Rea Sharma, a second-year Early Childhood Education student said to not be afraid to put your hand up.

“If you have questions please ask them,” she said.

“When you walk around in the hallways and see other students, don’t be afraid. They’re all going through the same things as you,” Sharma said.

“You don’t need to feel left out or isolated. You have a lot of people around you that can help you out whenever you need,” she said.

Humber has resources available to new students such as the First Year Experience (FYE), peer mentoring and events all year round to help with socializing.

As well, many students can at times feel discouraged and unmotivated to finish homework. Humber offers counselling services at the Wellness Centre to assist anyone seeking help.