Advice for first years: Use resources for academic success, personal well-being

Apr 14, 2023 | JRNL219 - 2023

Person looking at "Humber Resources" page on his laptop.

Jacob Eaton browses Humber's online resources Photo credit: Maddison Clarkson

Students at Humber college are sharing advice for first year students who are attending the school in the upcoming summer or fall semester.

Many of the students at Humber who gave advice focused around a similar theme: to utilize your resources. They shared advice about Humber’s resources, and how you can use them.

“I struggled a lot with my mental health, and dealing with the pressure of school during the pandemic”, said Klara Precetaj, a second year photography student at Humber.

“It’s important you take care of yourself during your studies,” she said, adding that “Humber’s accessibility center prioritizes students’ well being, and I always recommend reaching out to them.”

Precetaj said that the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre helped her succeed with their counseling services and accommodations.

Third year Film and Media Production student Nathalie Copple, said that Humber provides you with all of the resources and supplies you need to succeed in school and fulfill your passion projects.

“Humber offers a great amount of resources, and all of the equipment you need,” she said.

Copple said Humber offers equipment rentals for things like cameras, microphones, and tripods to film students so they can film projects for their classes.

“I was worried I wouldn’t have the equipment I needed for the program, but was so relieved when I found out we could rent equipment,” she added.

Copple said that she enjoyed renting equipment so she could film projects for school, while also learning hands-on how to operate professional equipment.

“It’s super important for students to know about the equipment rental services. It can really make or break your experience in a program, especially an arts program like film,” she added.

Second year Film and Television production student, Jacob Eaton, talked about Humber’s Accessibility Centre, and how students who feel they are struggling in school should not hesitate to reach out to them.

“If it weren’t for the accessibility team at Humber, I might have dropped out by now,” he said.

“I procrastinate my assignments like a lot,” he said, “but the Accessibility Centre helped me with the paperwork to get my IEP transferred from high school so my professors would know about my issue.”

Eaton said that students should never be embarrassed about asking for help.

Many faculty members at Humber also encourage students to utilize their resources, by informing them of the resources they have access to, since sometimes it can be difficult for a student to find on their own.