IGNITE election voting begins at Humber

Mar 6, 2023 | Campus News, Headlines

Voting began Monday for IGNITE student council elections at Humber, with polls open until Friday.

IGNITE represents 30,000 students across three campuses and is having its annual election this week.

“It’s for the students by the students,” Mohini Narayan an IGNITE representative told Humber News.

“We’re here to answer any questions students may have about the election and if you show proof of voting you get a free snack,” Narayan said.

“The way that they’ve set up their board is they have three students for North, three students for lake shore and three students for Guelph Humber,” Ian Crookshank Associate Vice President and Dean of Students told Humber News.

Elected members are accountable to the student body, are meant to seek student input and feedback, enact change on campus, and are responsible for planning events and budgeting within IGNITE.

“It’s the voice of students. So between students and kind of the institution and the administration of the institution,” Crookshank said.

“They’re a part of, kind of invigorating campus life through programming and events.”

Three students from each Humber campus are elected to represent the student body, said nine students will be selected to be on the board of directors for 2023-2024.

“The purpose of IGNITE is to ensure that the student experience is something that is meaningful, and we do so by doing a series of activities,” said Lionel Campbell, Board Administrator for IGNITE.

“We do a yearly consultation survey where we ask students what their needs are,” said Campbell.

“We take that data and we create programs to help meet those needs.”

Across campus this week every day from 10 a.m to 4 p.m, there are booths for IGNITE representatives to help students find where to vote and show them how.