Hamilton Centre Byelection: Who will replace Horwath?

Mar 16, 2023 | Headlines, News

Polls will be closing at 8 p.m. tonight in the Ontario provincial riding of Hamilton Centre with four candidates looking to replace Andrea Howarth as the area’s MPP.

Following her party’s second place result in the Ontario general election last June, Howarth announced her resignation as party leader. She later decided to run for mayor of Hamilton in October, a race she won.

Hamilton Centre was won by the NDP in June of 2002 with 57.23 per cent of the vote. The Progressive Conservatives and Liberals were a distant second with 16.5 per cent and 13 per cent, respectively. The Greens won 8 per cent of the vote.

Tonight’s vote will be watched to see if the NDP will hold the riding or if there will be an upset.

“Today is election day in Hamilton Centre—with unofficial results available at 9 p.m.,” reads a release made on Elections Ontario‘s website.

Here’s a look at who the candidates are in tonight’s race in alphabetical order:

Lucia Iannantuono

Lucia Iannantuono, candidate for the Green Party, said on her campaign website that she believes that fast-track urban development may lead to a greater crisis for Hamiltonians as there has been evidence of high levels of air and water pollution in the city as well as the depletion of valuable farmlands for economic development.

Lucia Iannantuono profile-Humber News
Lucia Iannantuono profile-Humber News Photo credit: Karl Lewis

Iannantuono’s initiative is as similar to all candidates vying for the seat. However, it is her sustainability and climate ready take which many Hamiltonians may favour since the city is known for pollution and high levels of homelessness.

Among the list of social and economic change advocates running in today’s election, then comes a police sergeant who believes his extensive history in public service and frontline care are important characteristics of a future MPP.

Sarah Jama

Jama, who was named a candidate for the NDP last fall, is known for her activism and advocacy for Canadians living in Hamilton with disabilities. She co-founded the Disability Justice Network of Ontario, the Hamilton Encampment Support Network; in an effort to raise awareness about health, housing and social issues affecting Hamiltonians.

Sarah Jama profile- Humber News
Sarah Jama profile- Humber News Photo credit: Karl Lewis

Jama is an active community advocate who also assist marginalized youths who encounter systemic racism in institutions around the city. She is also a member of many local, provincial and national initiatives.

Deirdre Pike

Deirdre Pike profile-Humber News
Deirdre Pike profile-Humber News Photo credit: Karl Lewis

Pike worked as a senior social planner at Hamilton Social Planning where she worked with a team of researchers to find remedies for poverty reduction, homelessness and food security.

She is now the justice and outreach consultant for the Anglican Diocese of Niagara.

Pike has made waves on social-media with a quote she made about the premier in which she said she refuses to “sit and watch the Ford Conservatives break promises after promises.”

Pete Wiesner

Pete Wiesner was named as the Ontario PC candidate to enter the race and already gained his endorsement by a former Hamilton mayor and Liberal MP.

Wiesner was born and raised in Hamilton and has more than 20 years in law enforcement, where he works with the Hamilton Police Service in crisis response to the homelessness, marginalized youths and drug-addiction.

He has coached athletes on minor baseball and hockey teams.