Black History Fair happening today at Humber’s International Centre

Mar 7, 2023 | Campus News

Humber’s International Centre held a culture and business fair Tuesday to wrap up Black History Month.

Although Black History Month is traditionally held in February, organizers say there were so many campus events held this year, there wasn’t space for every interested group to take part.

“Each department had their own events to celebrate Black History Month, and the International Centre couldn’t be behind,” Chantelle Bailey-Johnson said.

She is an international student adviser and ran a braiding booth at the event.

“Braiding has a story. We want to get people from different ethnic groups to experience it. The reason why it matters is to bring awareness to the public as to what we represent in the Black community,” Bailey-Johnson said.

The fair also featured displays from several Black entrepreneurs.

Anisha Hines is the co-founder of KWM, Keep Wealth-Melanated, a store at Woodbine Mall that showcases over 35 Black business owners.

She said this kind of event is a unique opportunity.

“I think it is essential for the community to know what is going on and support local business owners,” she said.

Gye Nyame from the store Adwoa N. Boahen said that this event is also important to her as a Black female entrepreneur since it took place a day before International Women’s Day.

“We sell handmade goods from all across Africa. Everything is from Africa. Representation and Inclusivity are important. The students who come here and look like me as well can see things that belong to them culturally,” she said.