A fashion analysis for the Spring and Summer trends

Mar 7, 2023 | Headlines

The Fashion Management Bachelor of Commerce students on Monday presented a fashion analysis event at Lakeshore campus to discuss spring and summer trends.

Students shared the “fashion forecast” for the upcoming spring and summer fashion styles.

“Trend forecasting is when we predict the trends that are going to be happening in the next season, so we look at the past trends and demographics – we then use that to make predictions,” said Emilia Thompson, second year Fashion Management Bachelor of Commerce student at Lakeshore campus.

Mood boards covered the walls, displaying different aesthetics such as soft utility, creative denim, motorsport-wear, and metallics.

Fashion students spoke about where current trends are inspired from, how current trends changed from last year, and how the culture will influence the predicted trends to come.

In an interview with Humber News, Thompson shared that previous fashion presentations were more business focused, whereas this year incorporating a person’s expression, identity, and feeling is considered as well.

Students talked about how thrifting for different aesthetics is increasing due to manufacture quality and vintage colours that may not be available today.

“It’s definitely rising this year and I find that trends are recycled- so you can find current runway trends in thrift stores right now,” Krisi Velazquez, second year Fashion Management Bachelor of Commerce student at Lakeshore campus.

Francesca D’Angelo is the coordinator for the Fashion Management and Bachelor of Commerce program at Lakeshore campus. D’Angelo omitted excitement about the spring trends and the fashion industry itself, while supporting the second-year fashion students.

“Styles emerge out from the particular zeitgeist of the era, of the particular group, of people, right – it’s very reflective of people,” D’Angelo said.

Learning the fashion industry is to bring in the inspirations of the season that will tie into a particular target market. Then analyze this by asking, what does this translate into as far as style and fashion.

“The styles we see really do work to reflect the people that are wearing them, so therefore what’s on people’s minds?” she said.

In an interview with Humber News, D’Angelo was asked if a winter trend analysis event is in the works for next year.

“This year we are focusing on spring and summer trends, but it would be really interesting to propose the winter trend analysis for next year, we can’t forget about the winter clothing!” she said.