People react to John Tory resigning as mayor of Toronto

Feb 13, 2023 | Headlines, News

By Trishelle Dotson and Megan Rampersaud

People on Monday reacted to news of John Tory’s resignation as mayor and how it might affect the city.

“It’s a difficult situation, it takes two to tango so I think the young lady will probably have her name and career tarnished if anything,” said Mark Sarson, self-employed resident in Toronto.

“Even though he was a man of power, he abused that power and neglected his better judgement,” he said.

Sarson said that he first heard about the news in Jamaica and was shocked to hear this after knowing Tory was just re-elected in October.

Emily Bartosiewicz, Toronto resident, said that she was glad to hear Tory stepped down as mayor because this is a common issue within political departments.

“it’s disheartening, it’s crazy because there are politicians that get away with this kind of thing and he’s been a good politician for the most part who has a pretty clean record – yet he resigned,” said Bartosiewicz.

Bartosiewicz’s sister, Beata Papau said along with Tory taking accountability this presents a positive future for the city.

“It may open the door to have a new candidate as major that might activate some potential for Toronto which is exciting, its obviously not a great thing that he did it but it’s good that he resigned,” said Papau.

Although some residents have counteracting opinions about Torys resignation as the mayor of Toronto.

“Something like that is not the best thing but is it something to resign over, I’m not sure because even Rob Ford was doing a whole bunch of crazier stuff than that and stayed in office,” said Kahi Henry, a student at Trent University.

Husband and wife, Michael and Krista Shaw, said the affair Tory had with a staff member should have been dealt with as a private matter instead of the details being discussed publicly.

“I don’t think he should have resigned; I think in today’s day and age that is a private matter, so I think he was really good for the city and a lot of people respected him,” said Michael Shaw.

“He wanted to maintain a principle for himself, and he couldn’t go on being the mayor that he was if people knew that about him,” said Krista Shaw.

“He seemed to be quite a principal man – he doesn’t just didn’t think that people will be able to separate the man from the private man,” Krista Shaw said.

While some were focused on Tory’s reputation, others were more concerned about gender equality and the tarnished loyalty of Tory to his wife of over 40 years. Three business students from St. Catharine’s college shared their thoughts about the situation.

“It’s disgusting! It’s actually disgusting. He should not be doing that. It’s a total abuse of power,” said Gwen Anzik, a business student at St. Catherine’s College.

“If she’s that young than she probably doesn’t know any better and he totally does,” said Graiceline Johnstan, another business student at St. Catherine’s College.

Other people said raised questions about trust and loyalty.

“I just think from a business and pleasure perspective, he was married for 40 years, why would you cheat on your spouse?” said Olivia Gillespie, business student at St. Catherine’s College.

“How many other people has he done this to that would be scared to speak up – he can’t even stay faithful to one person so what does that say?” said Gillespie.

Coun. Jennifer McKelvie is expectedd to replaced Tory until the a new mayoral election is held.