Humber fellowships unite for the first time at Lakeshore campus

Feb 15, 2023 | Life

For the first time in Humber’s history, six fellowships came together for a large showcase on Feb. 3.

The showcase displayed projects and workpieces created by the fellows in 2022, showing off their technical and creative expertise. The event took place at Lakeshore campus’ G Commons between noon and 4 p.m.

The event presented the talents of eight different and diverse fellowships, including the Indigenous Transmedia Fellowship, the Nuit Blanche Fellowship, the Intercultural and Creative Music Fellowship and the Tiny T.O. Fellowship.

The event included three live performances from the Intercultural and Creative Music Fellowship.

For one of the organizers of the showcase, Centre for Creative Business Innovation project manager Casey Norris, this marks the third year of heading the affair.

“We’re running into our essentially third year of running fellowships,” Norris said. “So a lot of other departments, a lot of staff already know about them. So when this sort of event or these sort of events pop up, everyone’s behind it.”

Norris said the showcase also shows what students at Humber can accomplish if they apply for fellowship programs.

“We just felt it was a good time to show our lineup of what people are applying to and what students can do if they apply to these fellowships,” Norris said.

Another Humber Galleries and the Centre for Creative Business Innovation head, Kyla Ross, said that while projects are original student creations, there is a guiding hand at play with industry partners.

“Each year the fellows will create an original outcome for their project,” Ross said. “But the point of the fellowship or the expectations are guided more by the industry partner. So, for example, at the Nuit Blanche fellowship, what the fellows choose to create is completely directed by them.”

In the past, these shows have been one-off mini-events, leading to some patrons requesting where and when they could be found. To answer this, the event is now held in one location.

“A lot of our stuff in the past has been maybe one day, one performance, or a small little pop-up event for these fellowships,” Ross said. “Almost all of them have an audio component or some kind of video, audio-video component.

“So being able to showcase all of those outcomes that are sort of media based within one space is a bit of a challenge, but Casey’s a whiz at that,” she said. “It’s the idea of bringing these all into one space really, sort of answered those questions.”

Due to the sheer amount of acts and items shown in the building, displaying all of the pieces in the showcase in one location proved somewhat of a challenge.

Ross credits Norris for the hard work in consolidating the fellowships into one location.