Just For Laughs Toronto festival features Hollywood’s biggest comedians

Jun 15, 2022 | Arts

Just For Laughs will be hosting its 10th anniversary festival in Toronto this fall and its promising some of the biggest comedy stars in the game.

Comedians Trevor Noah, John Mulaney and Amy Schumer are among the star-studded list scheduled to headline the 11-day festival to be held at various venues throughout the city from Sept. 22 to Oct.1.

Canadian comics Al Val and Allie Pearse from the new wave of stand-up on CBC Gem are also set to hit the stage.

This year’s festival will highlight Indigenous comics like never before.

First Nations, Inuk and Metis comedians will get to share stories of their life through a new stand-up comedy variety show called “Got Land?”

Empire Comedy Live founder Ian Atlas said for Canadian comics in the city this is a big win.

“Canadians have been working hard in the comedy scene for a while and I am happy that they get a chance to present their art to a larger scale audience. My only hope is that they are used as more than just filler for the larger Hollywood names on the lineup,” he said.

Atlas said although many comedians have been hosting their own shows on their own terms he hopes the festival will bring more Canadians in the community together in supporting comics even after the festival.

“Money impacts the art scene a lot and giving more artists a larger audience will attribute to them growing larger fan bases and being able to host their own private shows with more people in attendance.” He said.

Just For Laughs have teamed up with Beneva, a large mutual insurance company to present this years festival.

Beneva announced the partnership in a press release telling comedy lovers the return of this year’s Just For Laughs festival in Toronto “will be one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year.”

President and CEO of Just For Laughs Charles Décarie said he was looking forward to working with the sponsor to “present a premium comedy festival experience in Toronto later this year.”

Insecure actress Issa Rae and popular Saturday Night Live comic Pete Davison will also be attending this year’s festival. The pair will be hosting their own “In Conversation” event for four days during comedy con.

Bundle tickets are available now at https://toronto.hahaha.com/en and single tickets go on sale this Friday.