Ontario gas prices set to drop 10 cents Friday after a historic jump

May 19, 2022 | Canadian News

Ontario gas prices dropped by three cents Thursday morning and are expected to drop 10 cents more by Friday, according to the President of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

Gas prices have been high in recent weeks. In May 2022, they peaked at $2.09 per litre, which is 72 cents more expensive than the average cost in December 2021.

Gas station tanks

Gas station tanks Photo credit: PIxabay

“It makes me want to not drive, but I have to show up for classes after they switched from online to in-person,” said Humber Paralegal student Jaspret Erar.

“The price jump for gas is ridiculous,” said Erar. “Especially at the time of the severe job losses caused by COVID-19,” she added.

A survey conducted by Leger for the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) of more than 1,500 Canadian drivers at the beginning of April found 66 per cent of drivers in Canada will restrain from unnecessary car trips this summer because of the rise in fuel costs.

Humber Electrical Engineering technology student Mustafa Abdulmalek has to commute to college from Mississauga four days a week and says that the prices are stressing him out.

“I spend around $100 on a gas weekly,” said Abdulmalek.

Humber North Campus parking lot

Humber North Campus parking lot Photo credit: Natalie Vasyliuk

“It’s getting pretty overwhelming, the prices are really high these days, and it’s hard to manage,” he added.

According to recommendations from the TRAC, Canadians can trim costs by making sure their tires are properly inflated. They estimate Canadians are wasting 258 million litres of gasoline because of the wrong tire pressure. They say proper inflation would’ve saved Canadians $490 million in 2019.

Flat Tire

Flat Tire Photo credit: PIxabay

For some, gas prices have already become a reason to switch to an electric car.

Humber student Palchetan Patea said he had been driving Tesla for about six months already.

“I don’t have to spend anything on gas now, and I’m pretty happy with my choice,” said Patea.

A questionnaire by KPMG Global shows that electric vehicles are gaining popularity among people between 25 to 44 years old.

The research also showed that nearly three-quarters of responders are ready to buy an electric vehicle for their next car, and most of them are from British Columbia (77 per cent) and Ontario (74 per cent).

The slight drop in gas prices came on the same day Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca announced that the Liberals would reduce the gas tax by more than five cents per litre starting July if elected on June 2.

Steven Del Duca, press conference, Thursday, May 19.

Steven Del Duca, press conference, Thursday, May 19. Photo credit: YouTube

He expressed his concerns about the rise of prices in the province, particularly the doubling of gas prices throughout the last 18 months, and called it “the worst affordability crisis” that Ontarians have seen in many years.