Students and faculty give advice to first-year students

Apr 22, 2022 | Features, JRNL219

With the year coming to an end, Humber College students and faculty are giving their advice to future first-year students.

The first year of college experience – made more complicated by COVID-19 restrictions and changes – has definitely be filled with a lot of stress and anxiety for many students.

But students do have advice that can hopefully make it easier for the next group arriving at Humber in the fall.

Rishabh Chahar, a second-year sports management student at Humber College, said that having a clear focus helps.

“During my first year I was overwhelmed with the workload and I had some difficulty understanding certain assignments,” Chahar said.

“Focus on school and make that your assignments are done on time.”

Ultimately, first year helps you get ready for everything that comes after.

“Your first year may seem overwhelming, but it only prepares you for the future,” said Chahar.

Others agreed that being organized helps.

“Halfway through the second semester, classes switched from online to in-person and it was hard to get back into the rhythm of things. I don’t really have much experience with in-person classes but if there is one thing I would tell them, it is to stay organized and don’t fall behind on work,” said Robin Singh, a first-year tourism student at Humber College.

Keeping track of everything can be challenging, others said.

“I was struggling with my time management because I have to juggle work and college and it’s not easy because I don’t have time to work on my assignments,” said Beatriz Spencer, a first-year business student at Seneca College.

“Don’t expect that everything will be settled within your first week, get involved. keep your eyes and heart open for everything and anything,” she said.

Humber provides various clubs and groups that you can join, which help you get more comfortable in a new environment.

And, finding a balance is important, one professor said — and finding fun also matters.

“First-year Humber students need to find the right balance between meeting the challenges of their academic workload and still finding opportunities to have fun,” said Felice Forte, a web design professor at Humber College.

“Experience your new surroundings and soak it all in,” he said.

“Though this may be your first experience outside of familiar surroundings, you’re in a supportive environment,” he said.