Advice offered to first-year college students to help make the difference

Apr 23, 2022 | Features, JRNL219

With the school year coming to an end, it’s time to look back and reflect on the year that many students had — and to offer advice to people coming to study at Humber next fall.

Many students can agree that this semester was unprecedented because of all the COVID-19 restrictions. However, this was the first semester where students were able to return to campus for most of their classes.

Stress is something that many students go through and it is certainly a great challenge to overcome when dealing with learning restrictions in online classes and any with the loss of other opportunities taken away by the pandemic.

“Don’t be afraid to speak to people as I’ve noticed myself everyone has something to offer,” said Tyler Carreir, a second-year student at Guelph-Humber University.

Carreiro, who is in the Media Studies and Communications program, said that there is always something to learn, whether it’s notes or life lessons.

Mateus Craveiro is a student at Humber College in the Protection, Security and Investigation program.

He agreed that the importance of having connections is important.

“Try and attend every class you can so you can build a bond with your professors and classmates,” said Craveiro.

In addition to that, he said it is important to avoid procrastinating because if you don’t avoid it, it can cause you to overstress. So, he recommended staying on top of any assigned work to help control your problems and to avoid any stress that is not necessary.

Beatriz Spencer, a first-year business student at Seneca College, said, “make it your priority to never hand in an assignment late. Being diligent and dependable is always a plus.”

Spencer said that since students might become overwhelmed with the workload throughout their semesters it is important to find a routine that works for them.

This technique should allow students to work at their own speed on a timely schedule and therefore, improve their performance in their programs, she said.

Humber web design professor Felice Forte also offered advice, talking about the need to keep yourself in check and to keep on top of things when they may seem to get out of hand.

“Trying to juggle, academic obligations with personal life and perhaps even their work schedule will lead to stress. Even using an organizational app every so often could with students’ time management,” he said.

He suggested using the app, Google Keep, which he uses it himself.

And he said Humber has helpful resources for students.

“Humber’s online delivery portal, Blackboard Ultra, has great built-in features to help students meet their deadlines and to stay on top of all things Humber.”