Humber’s vaccine and mask mandates will be lifted for summer term

Mar 17, 2022 | Campus News, Headlines, News

Humber students won’t have to prove they’ve been vaccinated, or wear a mask on campus next term.

Humber College North LRC

Humber College North LRC Photo credit: Natalie Vasyliuk

But the College is still encouraging students to maintain a safe distance when possible, sanitize their hands frequently and stay at home when feeling sick.

Humber student Lizaveta Dobysh said she’s happy to see the College lift its vaccine mandates.

“From my point of view, if the government said QR codes are not necessary anymore, Humber should also stop checking students,” said Dobysh.

The decision was made as a result of the steady drop in COVID numbers, and the rising number of vaccinated people around Ontario.

According to Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Table, the COVID-19 hospital occupancy has dropped to 696 as of March 15, with 86 per cent of people 5 or over receiving two vaccine doses.

Humber College North entrance

Humber College North entrance Photo credit: Natalie Vasyliuk

For the remainder of the winter term, however, Humber College is exercising caution, and will require masks, a daily self-assessment and proof of vaccination to enter the campus for the rest of the winter term, says the Associate Director of Communications at Humber North Campus Emily Milic.

“The decision was to remain with both of those until the end of the winter term, after the Chief Medical Officer of Health provides a memo with his endorsement for doing so in organizations that chose to do so,” said Milic.

Humber Guardian app will remain in place.

Even when the restrictions are lifted, students will have to monitor the symptoms and stay at home in case they have any.

For safety measures, they will be encouraged to continue to use the self-screening at Humber Guardian app before going to campus.

Humber Guardian App

Humber Guardian App Photo credit: Natalie Vasyliuk

Film and TV production student Markian Klufas said the app makes no sense to him.

“What’s the point of doing a self-assessment every day if you have a vaccine passport and can just stay at home when you feel sick?” said Klufas.

Student Residence follows Humber College on its way back to normal.

The Manager of Lakeshore Residence Kat Gittins said the residences will follow the same policies as the College.

Humber North Residence

Humber North Residence Photo credit: Natalie Vasyliuk

They are offering full occupancy, but are setting aside 10 rooms at the Lakeshore campus and 15 at North residence just in case some students need to self-isolate.

Gittins said no external visitors are allowed, however, students can have guests from the other Humber residences.

“We are trying to transition back to normal,” said Gittins, mentioning that the guest policy might change in the coming weeks.

“Everything is pretty strict here now,” said Maksym Kalinichenko who lives at the student residence at Humber North Campus.

Kalinichenko says that social distancing is strictly monitored by the security guards and the facilities are very limited compared to the pre-COVID time.

He added that he was against the vaccine policy at the very beginning, and now he can’t wait for the whole thing to be over.

“I feel like COVID is another virus people just have to live with, and the most vulnerable people should get the vaccines if they want,” said Kalinichenko. “But at least I’m happy Humber is not asking for a booster shot,” he added.this is an imagethis is an imagethis is an imagethis is an imagethis is an image