Humber College continues with mask mandate

Mar 15, 2022 | Campus News, News

Humber College will continue to require students to wear masks on campus until the end of April.

“Humber will maintain the current masking requirements until at least the end of the winter term,” says Andrew Leopold, Humber’s director of communications.

“Masks must continue to be worn in all Humber buildings.”

Some students are happy with continuing the mask mandate now that they’re back on-campus, making them feel safer in a public setting.

“I feel secure,” Kianna Camacho, a Child and Youth Care student at Humber said, “I feel like it’s a bit too soon.”

“I have no issue with it, I feel like they’re just taking extra precaution about it,” said Camacho.

Others are surprised to see the College keep the requirement in place when the province is lifting it in other settings.

“It’s a bit bothersome of course, keeping masks on all the time here,” Rinkle Arora, a computer system technician student at Humber said.

“I believe it’s okay to continue masks for this semester, but next semester if things are getting better, masks seems quite useless after a period of time.”

Humber released a statement on its website stating that the school will continue using the Humber Guardian QR code, as well as keeping a distance of six feet and enforcing frequent hygiene for all on-campus students.

Leopold says the College is still working on policies for the summer semester.

“We will be reviewing plans for the Summer 2022 term this month and will communicate any policy changes for it and future terms to the Humber community.”