Dining restrictions limit food services on campus

Oct 1, 2021 | Campus News, News

The campus’ once-bustling corridors have turned into a ghost town, in part because of limitations and safety rules.

Students and staff can now only buy food from a very limited number of vendors available on campus, and it is even tougher to find a place to sit and eat.

“So much has changed since I was last here a year ago,” said Ethan Maincourt, a Humber Game Programming student. “It’s so strange to see everything changed around, and not have as many places to hang out.”

All of the dining areas were shut down, except the Food Emporium, to limit large numbers of people gathering without following proper safety rules. Eating in lounge areas and corridors is strictly forbidden.

The closures was also difficult for those who worked in food services throughout campus.

“All of these closures resulted in a lot of employees being laid off since there wasn’t work for them,” said Sarah Woloschuk, an employee at a Humber Students’ cafe Gourmet Express.

Alex Hoa, an assistant manager of Cafe LinX and Retail Services, said they are only managing the Food Emporium as a dining place.

“I think as long as students and staff or community members eating at a six-foot distance from other people, being isolated, it won’t be an issue,” Hoa said. “And if it is I am sure Public Safety will speak to them.”

The Food Emporium is the only dining spot on campus where students are allowed to sit and eat. Everywhere else, masks must be kept on.

The Food Emporium is the only dining spot on campus where students are allowed to sit and eat. Everywhere else, masks must be kept on. Photo credit: Samantha Little

The Humber Room, a restaurant run by Humber students, may be an option to dine in. Yet the place follows all restrictions that apply to restaurants and has limited spacing and requires proof of vaccination.

When weather permits, students can eat outdoors.

The other options students can consider are the Space Cafe, the Bookstore with some quick take out snack ideas, and the Ackee Tree, which offers traditional Jamaican food. There are also a number of vending machines all over the campus, but not all may be restocked to pre-COVID levels.

Humber’s Food Services hope to reopen the Starbucks kiosk in the LRC Building in early October.

Also starting Oct. 4, students will get access to a Soup Bar located in the Food Emporium. The soups will be pre-made and frozen so students can just pick them up and reheat them at home or in one of the microwaves available in the Food Emporium.

Tim Hortons is not going to reopen as it is now under renovation.

“If you want to see more Food Services opening, we have to really build a demand for that here on campus,” Hoa said.

Students living in residence also have their food services and dining area open every day.