Locals oppose plans to revive Highway 413

Mar 10, 2021 | Biz/Tech, News

The revival of the plan to construct Highway 413 through the GTA has angered many residents living near the proposed route.

The highway project, which was first proposed in 2005, was cancelled by then-Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government in 2018, only to later be revived under Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government.

Map of Proposed Route for Highway 413.

The proposed route for highway 413, running through Brampton, Halton Hills, Caledon, and Vaughan. Photo credit: Courtesy of the Government of Ontario

Highway 413 is set to run through Brampton, Halton Hills, and Vaughan, connecting other 400 series highways.

The new highway is expected to make travel easier across the southern regions of Ontario. However, many concerns have led city mayors in Mississauga, Vaughan, Halton Region, and Orangeville to officially oppose the idea.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie believes this project will create a negative impact on the environment and residential areas in proximity to the highway.

“The proposed GTA West Highway will have a disastrous impact on the environment, encourage residential sprawl and increase our dependence on cars,” said Crombie in a statement.

Vaughan’s city council also officially withdrew support of the highway on March 2 with a committee vote of 5-4.

The City of Vaughan has received countless emails urging the council to vote against the Highway 413 project.

Cars driving on a 400 series highway in the Greater Toronto Area.

The GTA 400 series highways are clogged and busy, something that Doug Ford's government hopes will clear up with the revival of Highway 413 project. Various municipal councils, however, oppose the construction of the proposed highway. Photo credit: Roberto Machado Noa/Shutterstock

Long-time Kleinburg resident, Tony Malfara, sent an email request to Vaughan Mayor Bevilacqua, pleading for the city to reverse support of Highway 413, and for a federal environmental assessment of the area.

“Regardless of its final location, this highway will have a devastating impact on our environment and my quality of life, no matter if you live in Kleinburg or the other areas of Vaughan,” Malfara said.

Malfara’s letter also outlined his concerns for his neighbourhood and the environment that would be affected by the proposed highway path.

Former Brampton resident Lucas Neto is concerned about the project, remembering the restrictions and obstacles he and his family had to face before the Liberal government cancelled the plan in 2018.

“I lived exactly where the highway is supposed to be, at the Brampton-Georgetown border, and we were unable to do any renovations to our property from 2005 to 2016, when I moved out because of the highway,” Neto said.