Ontario is investing an extra $176 million towards mental health services

Published On October 8, 2020 | By Francis Commey | News

Francis Commey

The province of Ontario is investing an extra $176 million towards mental health, addiction supports during the pandemic after their commitment to invest $3.8 billion over the next 10 years in the province.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, health minister Christine Elliot and associate minister of mental health and addictions Michael Tibollo announced Ontario’s additional investment into mental health services during the Wed. conference in Toronto.

“Mental Health is as important as physical health and I’m very proud to announce we’re investing an additional $176 million this year to support the people of Ontario when it comes to mental health,” Premier Ford said at a news conference in Toronto.

Ford said the $176 million will be used to “fix the fragmented mental health care system that we inherited to create new services and to expand existing programs.”

Some of the money will be spent on housing for people with serious mental health and substance abuse problems.

– $4 million towards nurse practitioners.

– $3.5 million towards withdrawal management services.

– $8 million to addiction care for the day and night so the community can access the services

– Over $900,000 for four more inpatient beds at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

“By making these investments we’re building our system for the future so that every Ontarian be fully supported towards their journey to mental wellness, ” said associate minister, Michael Tibollo.

Jasmine Mohabir, of Brampton who knows people living with mental health issues, said they should continue to invest more money after the 10 year investment plan.

“Ontario should always be putting money into anything that can help with mental health problems, ” said Mohabir. “It’s tough to see people around you struggle, whether you know them personally or not so with this type of money Ontario is putting towards mental health, it’s perfect.”



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