Humber staff, students spread positivity on Twitter

Apr 18, 2020 | COVID-19, Life, News

Humber staff and students are sharing positive messages through Twitter. (REUTERS/Kacper Pempel)
Kajal Mangesh Pawar

Staff and students at Humber College are spreading positivity through messages on Twitter using #HumberTogether and #HumberAtHome.

The hashtags are a way to promote social distancing while staying connected with each other and being productive at home during the ongoing crisis.

“We want to know about  how you are taking care of your well-being right now, how your teams are adding a bit of fun into your interactions, and which  resources are helping you,” said an announcement on Humber Communiqué on March 27.

Cafe LinX plans to share Do It Yourself(DIY) tea and coffee video tutorials each week in April on Twitter and Instagram, according to Cafe LinX.

Humber Arboretum’s Twitter page shared pictures of house plants and how to take care of them through #HouseplantLove and #HumberAtHome.

Students and faculty are documenting “what the world looks like right now” through #HumberTogether.

Michael Karapita, journalism and media professor at Humber College’s North campus, started this thread with journalism students on Twitter.

“Here’s a few things I’ve seen starting with a ‘sign’ of hope on a post on the Danforth,” Karapita shared on Twitter.

In another post, he shared a torn sign taped on a house by a little girl on her front door.

Indoor workouts are increasingly becoming popular because of social distancing.

“Just because we are inside, doesn’t mean you can’t have an indoor workout to stay active,” Garett Thomson, a Humber journalism student, shared on Twitter.

Karapita said he came up with the idea of spreading positivity as he wanted his students to interact with each other and make sure everyone is together during this time.

“The learning community has been doing its best to spread positivity and it is really important that people show each other signs of optimism in the ongoing crisis,” he said in a phone interview.

Life at Humber and the Office of Sustainability Humber have teamed up to promote sustainability and are offering prizes to students who take up the challenge on Instagram.

“We are partnering with Life at Humber and FYE to challenge you to be more sustainable at home. Each week there will be a new challenge. All you have to do is post a photo of you completing each task and tag us using #HumberEarthMonth,” read an April 3 tweet by Sustainable Humber.

As a part of #HumberAtHome, Humber Ad Copywriters have covered how to make work from home more productive and fun, according to the announcement on Humber Communique on April 7.

Humber Communique posts daily updates for the #HumberAtHome series on the website to keep students and faculty motivated to work.